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March 30, 2008

How To Be A Self-Made Sun-Kissed Goddess

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Okay, so you’ve got that amazing trip to the Cotton House, that lovely leopard-print one-piece (or that delightful coral-print number) and the gold-and-bronze accessories that come with it — but your skin’s as pale as a sunbeam-challenged creature of the night. (this is in no way a dis on the vampire industry, it’s just that a majority of people who steer clear from the sun tend to be paler)

There are tons of ways to get that lovely bronzed goddess tan, but most of them involve getting baked in the sun / tanning salon, or getting one of those expensive tan sprays.

Fortunately for us, there’s the cheaper alternative of getting a self-tanner to get our sun-baked-brown-goodness, without the UV damage. Plus, most of them are easily washed off, you know, so you won’t stand out at the latest vampire union meeting.

Here’s a review of some of the top self-tanners for that healthy bronzed goodness! Remember, before going ga-ga over these products, look over the labels if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, plus, if you’re not too sure about the desired effect, apply a small amount (lest you want to be a ganguro girl ;p ) on your arm to gauge the result and the amount of product you’ll need. Also, these products are best applied on clean, dry skin, to improve their efficacy and staying power.

Model Co Bronze Airbrush Face / Beauty Fix Airbrush Face – (my favorite!) Seven words. A little will go a long way. This’ll make you an instant chocolate princess! The cool thing though is that it washes off easy, and keeps your makeup on. It also has a nice glisten finish.

Lancôme Flash Bronzer for the Face / Flash Bronzer Shimmering Instant Tan BodyThese products give out instantaneous tint / shimmering effects for the skin, plus, they smell like tropical flowers, evoking that “island fresh” feeling.

The Body Collection Fabulous Fake Tan Tanning Gel – This one spreads easily and dries quick as well, leaving you with a sun-kissed glow within an hour of application. Perfect for when you’re just prepping for that afternoon swim over brunch! It also smells like coconut, so try not taste your bronze skin!

Shiseido Daily Bronze Moisturizing Emulsion – Not only will you get that delicious golden chocolate coat over your skin, it’ll be moisturized as well! Which saves up space when you’re packing for the beach, instead of carrying a separate bottle of moisturizer.

Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel – A little too … messy for my taste, though it leaves a nice coffee smell which supplements the brown-ish blush you’ll be sporting after applying it.

Hit up your local beauty store if you’d like to give self-tanning a try. They’ll most probably be carrying these products, giving you the choice of which one to try. While there, look for some pale pink water resistant lipstick to complement your look. Throw in some shimmery orange eyeshadow, a dash of chocolate and lots of mascara and you’ll be the perfect bronzed goddess in the beach!

March 25, 2008

Mysterious Diseases: Are you aware of it?

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There are some diseases that we never really knew where it started or where it came from. It just mysteriously appears. I have made a list of mysterious disease that even medicine sometimes couldn’t explain.

  • Morgellons Disease

A very mysterious skin disorder has cropped up again just recently. It is said to have a creepy-crawly feeling on the skin and has an odd multi-colored fibrous filaments protruding from an open wound. It can sometimes be blamed as psychotic delusions but some medical communities say the symptoms are very real. Canada, Australia, UK, and the Netherlands are said to be affected by the disease. But majority of the reported cases came from Florida, California, and Texas.

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The classic MUPS or medically unexplained physical symptoms, it is the feeling of more than just being tired. Most patients often get bed-ridden for days. This disease is debilitating and can’t be resolved by bed rest. It can even persist for years, the cause has never been identified yet and no specific diagnostic procedures are available.

  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

A rare brain disorder, also known as the Mad-Cow Disease, is contracted from eating an infected beef. It can be fatal and quick acting, this disease develops even the doctors couldn’t possibly figure out and prevent. The incidence of death in the United States was said to be higher in patients aging from 55-65 years old.

  • Schizophrenia

A mental disorder which is considered the most puzzling, the patient suffers from inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. The patients can be delusional, has hallucinations, disorganized speech, and lack of motivation or emotion. The disease has no defining medical tests.

  • Autoimmune Disorders

A disease that treats the normal body function and organs as the enemy such as Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis; they usually are debilitating, chronic, and it usually don’t have a cure and treatment is symptom-based.

  • Pica

Insatiable urge to eat non-food substances like paper, glue, clay, and dirt. This disease has no cause and no cure. Pica in children can be very dangerous, sometimes children eat paints that contain lead and they may suffer from lead poisoning leading to brain damage.

  • Avian Flu

A bird carried powerful flu virus, and mutates into a strain that affects humans. The death rate is actually 50% mostly by humans handling infected birds.

  • Common Cold

Common colds maybe a common disease but still mysteriously can’t be treated by antibiotics but a simple chicken soup and rest can do the trick. The doctors actually know a little about the nose-running, cough-inducing cold, and the root cause.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

A degenerative brain disorder which manifests differently among different people. The root cause can’t be determined or understood and it can’t be treated effectively. Patients’ disease progresses from a mild cognitive impairment to advanced dementia.

  • AIDS

An acquired immune deficiency syndrome still has no cure. It is the most potent killer most especially in developing countries. We all know it started from monkeys and jumped into humans.

March 18, 2008

Healthy Treats for Lunch

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Better eating habits, better meals, and get a better and slimmer body.  Then eat right, here are some tips to have a healthier lunch treats. 

  • Great Company

      Make sure you are in a great company, meaning sharing your meals with others who would enjoy great food and have tasteful palates. 

  • Carbohydrates

      Enjoy the carbohydrates during lunch because you can still burn those calories off for the rest of the day.  A tasty pasta or grilled panini would be a good choice for a quick carbohydrate fix.  Then concentrate on the protein to stay fit. 

  • Quality and Volume     

      Always remember, quality us always better than volume.  No matter how big your appetite is or how much food you take in but if it’s not quality food then it’s not healthy.  Learn to choose dishes that are flavorful like cheesy, savory dips, or grilled lamb panini with pita bread.  The French may have fewer bites of cheeses and cured meats but they still manage to be svelte.  Caution, remember to have smaller portions and fewer bites just to satisfy the palate without over stuffing your belly and keep the weight off. 

  • Healthy Drink

      Nurse and savor yourself with one healthy drink like freshly squished fruits but don’t dilute it with too much water.  Flavor your water with lime or a slice of lemon for a refreshing treat.

March 11, 2008

How to Get New People into Your Life

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Getting bored with your old buddies? Maybe welcoming new people in to your life is just what you need. Make your life more exciting and interesting by being friendlier than you already are. Here are some ways and places to meet new people.

  • Go to an Art Museumart museum

Try to join an art museum, regular members always gets invited to a lot of special events such as programs, museum openings, workshops, fund raising, and special art exhibits by popular artists. Go by yourself and make yourself available to people. Appreciate the art, so people will start noticing you.

  • Establish your own Book Club

Ask few of your good friends to bring someone they admire and you haven’t met to your book club. This way, you can meet great new people.


  • Enlist yourself in a Foreign Language Class

It’s a good investment plus you can have new friends in class. Learning a new language can be an advantage when you on a trip in some country. Who knows, maybe you can “causerie” your way to a hunky French dude on your trip to France someday!

  • Take some dancing lessons

dancing lessonRemember to sign up without any partner, and groove yourself into a bunch of new dancing groups.


  • Enroll in a cooking class

Pick something different like Mexican, Thai, or Moroccan cooking class. You’ll be able to meet at least a dozen new peeps. Then throw a buffet graduation party with your new classmates.

  • Take a vacation

Go on tours, you can meet new people by going on tours instead of going with your friends. The tendency of traveling alone is asking other people, talking with others, and hanging out with some people you just knew.

  • Hang out by the magazine racks

Talk to other people hanging out by the magazine rack as well. Try opening a topic about their favorite magazine, in that way the person will be interested in talking to you.

  • Sign up for a fun run

fun run It’s a better way of helping raise money for charities and as well as meeting new people. Everyone will be interested in talking to fellow fund-raisers since you have the same goal, and everyone is united for a single cause.

  • Go Partying!

Make yourself go on parties whenever you get invited. And try not to seat in one corner and put a hole on the sofa. Talk to people, circulate!

  • Be Gutsy

The next time you ride a bus, a plane, or a train be gusty and introduce yourself and be conversational instead of burrowing your face in your book.

  • Attend Sports events

GO alone. Seat beside fellow sports spectators and ask them but not to the point of disturbing and annoying them. Ask a little bit about the game and the team they are rooting for.

  • Chat with people you usually don’t talk to

Chitchat with your pizza delivery boy, pharmacist, mailman, dry cleaning lady, or even the next biker you see. Ask something about what they do, like for bikers, ask them where to purchase a really nice set of wheels.

People who explore new things has better chance of meeting new people, so throw your old habit away and start gaining new ones together with gaining new friends.

March 7, 2008

Romantic Moves that Would Definitely Make You Gag

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Yes, we all are a romantic fool but when is it too much?  You want to shower your partner with heartfelt affection, go on, just don’t over do it.  Sometimes we forget that there other people around us.  Let me give some examples, how couples can actually make me gag when I see them. 

  • Kissing and groping at each other in public places, mostly in front of your parents and siblings.  Eww….I just pictured my brother groping at his girl.
  • Hugging your girl while walking as if someone’s going to grab her from you or as if she has been dilapidated.
  • Seating on a guys lap as if ready to get into action.  You might hear me saying, “Get a Room!”
  • Touching each other in private areas, like getting ready for foreplay.
  • Wearing matching clothes.  What’s up with that anyway?
  • Feeding off each others spoon.  You don’t have your own hand to feed yourself?
  • Making funny noises while kissing as if getting the Big O.

            I do not condemn those hopelessly romantic but I suggest you keep it to yourselves.  Do it somewhere private, I’m not a hypocrite but I prefer doing romantic stuff with my partner in the comfort of my own room where no one else could see me or hear me.

March 3, 2008

Effortless Ways to a Brand New You

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We always wanted to have a year to remember but we always end up doing the usual things we do. So instead of wasting our time looking for methods on self-improvement, why don’t we try some effortless, yet enjoyable, chic-ifying, life-loving, and ego-boosting improvements. This will be good for us.

  • Food Guilt – Swear it off!

People who indulge more without any guilt have a better immune system according to experts. Feel good about yourself, it’s a great help.

  • Click it

Load up your bag with a digital camera, so you can snap a shot of something funny or memorable.

  • Cook up some Work Ideas

workInstead of hiding those great ideas inside your head, why don’t you blurt it out and start earning credits for your nice concepts.

  • Purchase a new Make-up Bag

Throw away those tiny make-up bags and start using a bigger one. Let’s you bring more stuff for your beautification. Being beautiful and pretty boosts up your confidence, so bring more of those make-ups.


  • Be the Sun Goddesssun-goddess

We actually need 3 to 8 hours of sunlight in regulating our circadian rhythm. This will help us boost our energy level and very vital to our moods. So, let’s try to be shiny happy by walking during work breaks, eat some place with bright window, and take your catnaps in the sun.

  • Let yourself be a Regular

Try to find your Central Perk, look for a place where you can hang out without emptying your bank account. Find local bars that have affordable food or has a happy-hour deal. Then meet up new people.

  • Ditch the one Chore You Don’t Like Doing

Make a deal with a coworker or a roommate to trade the one chore you hate doing. Because once you don’t like what you’re doing it’ll be just tiresome for you.

  • Let your Fashion Ideas Flow

fashion Give yourself a treat and try to be bold once in a while. Wear something different from your style at least once a week. This can help give you confidence.

  • Totally make your Pad A Paradise

Decorate your place something relaxing. This will help you sleep better and enjoy the site of your own place.

  • Put a Plant in your Desk

It has been proven to have stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties.

  • Sizzle up your Sex Life

Sizzle it up by trying something new with your partner, it will help spice up your relationship.

  • Master An Amazing Dish

Master at least one dish that you can boast about. It can give you more confidence knowing you’re not just a face but someone with a talent.

  • Have the Big-O everwoman

Try this; take ten deep and full breaths coming from the diaphragm right before and during intimate contact. It will surely give you a satisfying Big O! Be ready to glow the next morning.

  • Have Afternoon Teas

We get a lot of helpful benefits from drinking tea; black tea prevents plaque formation, Peppermint tea helps reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, ginger tea can relieve indigestion, and chamomile with a bit of lemon and honey will help you with the flu.

  • Make a Weeknight Ritual

Stop being a couch potato and try something new. Get into the new bars in town, or try some new cuisines.

  • Pack-up and Sip some Piña Coladas on the Beach

Everyone deserves to have a vacation at least once a year. Your boss willspa treatment appreciate it, 80% of people who take vacations become more productive. Try going to a spa resort that will certainly relieve your stress.

  • Ditch those Excess Baggage

Say bye-bye to those people you don’t like hanging out with and just feel pressured when around them. Those people will just make you feel less of a person and lessen your confidence level when you socialize with them.

I hope this list will help you improve your year. Make the rest of the year better for yourself.