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March 7, 2008

Romantic Moves that Would Definitely Make You Gag

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Yes, we all are a romantic fool but when is it too much?  You want to shower your partner with heartfelt affection, go on, just don’t over do it.  Sometimes we forget that there other people around us.  Let me give some examples, how couples can actually make me gag when I see them. 

  • Kissing and groping at each other in public places, mostly in front of your parents and siblings.  Eww….I just pictured my brother groping at his girl.
  • Hugging your girl while walking as if someone’s going to grab her from you or as if she has been dilapidated.
  • Seating on a guys lap as if ready to get into action.  You might hear me saying, “Get a Room!”
  • Touching each other in private areas, like getting ready for foreplay.
  • Wearing matching clothes.  What’s up with that anyway?
  • Feeding off each others spoon.  You don’t have your own hand to feed yourself?
  • Making funny noises while kissing as if getting the Big O.

            I do not condemn those hopelessly romantic but I suggest you keep it to yourselves.  Do it somewhere private, I’m not a hypocrite but I prefer doing romantic stuff with my partner in the comfort of my own room where no one else could see me or hear me.

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