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April 29, 2008

Spots that get her excited

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I mentioned some tips on how to use your hand for your man’s pleasure a few weeks ago. So to be fair with you guys, let me tell you some spots that could get us excited.

Erogenous spots, as we call it, are areas with nerve-endings and increase sensitivity. Lips, nipples, and thighs are among the commonly known spots. Although not for all women, try to find one where she likes it the most. Here are some that most guys pay less attention to:

Neck – Ever wonder why she sudddenly gasps or raises her shoulders to cover her neck when you touch it? The back of the neck is considered as one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. To use it to your advantage, breathe down her neck, or kiss her there (move her hair aside, of course). Use your imagination. You’ll make her want you more.

Ears – Try to whisper something sweet in her ear and watch her react. Some women’s ears are actually sensitive to touch. For this one, your lips and tongue are key to arousing her. Use your lips to suck her earlobes, and your tongue to lick the edges of her ear.

Behind the knees – This area is highly sensitive and she may react differently depending on how sensitive she is. If she’s ticklish, don’t bother with this area. If she likes it though, start licking the area smoothly..but don’t overdo it.

Feet – If you feel comfortable with it, try giving her a foot massage…with your mouth, of course. A lot of women like having their toes sucked on. You may also lick her soles while gently massaging her feet. I know mine are…but before doing those things, make sure her feet are clean!

Hands – Ever wonder why people like holding hands? It’s not because of the custom. The hands are actually sensitive, too! Kiss her palm and play with her fingers. Lick her hands to excite her. You can be creative and use chocolate. Whatever works for you.

Take note that these spots were not meant to be stimulated individually. You can mix and match. Try kissing her neck while massaging her hands. Again, be creative!

April 25, 2008

Six Pregnancy Myths

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Looking for current news online, I encountered this particular article about improving the chances of whether a new mother will conceive a boy or a girl. According to the article, a high energy diet would boost the chances of having a boy while the opposite would most likely yield a girl. After reading through the entire thing, I’m still unsure whether to believe the findings of the survey or not, but unless they are able to explain the details of how it works, I wouldn’t agree to the research just yet.

While we’re on the topic of pregnancy, although there are clinical methods of knowing the gender of an unborn child (I had ultrasound myself), there are also popular myths on how to find out.

Heart Rate – If a baby’s heart rate is below 140 then it’s a boy. On the other hand, if the baby’s heart rate is 140 and above, then it’s a girl.
Belly Shape – If you’re carrying low then you’re having a boy, but if you’re carrying high then you’re having a girl.
Urine – If your urine is bright yellow then it’s a boy, if it is clear then it’s a girl.
Breast – If the right breast is bigger than the left then it’s a boy, otherwise it’s a girl.
Chinese Calendar – By matching your conceiving age and month of conception, you can figure out if it’s going to be a boy or a girl. Here’s a link to the chart.
Ring Test – Tie a ring on a piece of string. Hold the string so that the ring hangs down in front of your belly. Gently swing the string and take note of the motion. If the ring moves in a circular pattern, you are having a boy, but if it moves in a straight line, you are having a girl.

April 23, 2008

5 Things to Avoid in Las Vegas

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I’ve been to Las Vegas quite a few times with my husband. I haven’t had any real trouble so far and have always enjoyed my visits. However, it may not be the same for everyone. Here a few things to avoid while on a vacation in the city.

Driving – Traffic can get really bad in Las Vegas, especially the Strip. Instead of driving, try taking a walk or take a taxi. The monorail is also an alternative.

Losing all your money on gambling – In gambling, sometimes you win, often times you don’t. Don’t go to Las Vegas in the hopes of winning a lot of money in one of the casinos. Many people have tried and many have failed. My husband and I gamble just for fun. I suggest you do the same.

Drinking – Alright, drinking is fine but not too much that you’ll spending the next day in the hotel with a massive hangover. Also, getting drunk in Vegas would be bad in more ways than one – it could quickly lead you to the above situation (gambling).

The Heat – When I say “heat”, I’m not just talking about the scenes in Las Vegas. The city is in the desert and temperatures could easily reach 90 – 100 degrees during the summer. Bring a lot of water to avoid dehydration and avoid the afternoon sun.

The Wrong Crowd – Las Vegas is not called Sin City for nothing. Especially in the casinos, there are a lot of unlikable people that move around. People who smoke without any regard for other people, people who drink in public and often go loud when drunk, and scantily clad women are but a few of them. If you’re going to Las Vegas for a vacation, at least you should know what you’re getting in to.

April 18, 2008

Common beach-related injuries

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With summer in full swing, I’m sure most of you are thinking of going to the beach for a vacation. It could be in Miami, French Polynesia, or even Bora Bora. Of course, there are unexpected events that can occur while traveling or even when at the destination itself. Here are some beach-related injuries and how to address or prevent them.

Kinetosis – It’s not beach-related but if don’t happen to live near a beach then you will surely have to travel. If you’re going to travel by commuting to your destination there’s a possibility that you may suffer from kinetosis or motion sickness. This happens when there is a disagreement between your perceived movement and the vestibular system’s sense of movement. You may feel dizzy, experience cold sweat, develop a headache, or worse, feel like vomiting (which would not help relieve motion sickness).

In case you run into the situation, let me give you some advice on what to do. One, if in a car or any other vehicle, try looking towards the horizon in front of the vehicle instead of the windows to your sides. Second is to take a nap, but be especially wary of passengers who might take your belongings. Of course prevention is still better than cure so try taking Dramamine or Bonine (you can purchase these over-the-counter) one hour before traveling.

DehydrationOf course, with the summer heat you’ll be sweating a lot. So try to replenish your body fluids with water every now and then – especially when you’re feeling dizzy or developing a headache. Those two mentioned could already be symptoms of dehydration, which could lead to unconsciousness and even death.

Sunburn – At the beach, try to stay under the shade as much as possible between 10AM to 2PM – the hottest part of the day. Overexposure to the sun could cause sunburn, especially if you do not apply sunblock to exposed areas of your skin. Try to avoid going into the water or make sure to reapply it afterwards. In case you do get sunburn, apply vinegar to sooth the pain. Pain-relievers or analgesics could also help. There is no immediate treatment for sunburn and it will heal in time.

CrampsI’m sure most of you who have tried swimming a few times would have already experienced having muscle cramps. Basically, a cramp is a painful, involuntary muscle contraction due to overexertion. This happening while swimming in deep water could be extremely dangerous. In case it does happen do not panic, immediately stop swimming, tread water, and relax to prevent further cramps from developing. Softly massage the cramped area then immediately move out of the water.

Eating potassium-rich foods could help prevent cramps from occurring so make sure to eat your potatoes. Other foods rich in potassium are avocados, bananas, and soybeans.

Jellyfish StingsJellyfishes are some of the creatures I fear when going into the water. When you are stung by one, focus on getting out of the water to get help. Isolate the infected part so as not to spread it on an another area. Rinse the infected part with seawater, not fresh water to prevent activating the nematocysts (jellyfish sting cells). Use forceps or protective gloves to remove the tentacles. Use pain relievers to control the pain and immediately seek medical help.

Make sure to remember some of these tips before heading out. Enjoy!

April 14, 2008

Trojan Cancer Cells and Other Good News

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This article makes me pleased. Living in the present, we can only hope that several advances in medical technology would be developed, and, with the promise of a treatment that might possibly eradicate cancer, it gives big hope to patients.

If you’re one of those people who watch Dr. Gregory House destroy just about any disease known to man on a week-to-week basis, then you’re a long-ways off. I’ve seen patients (in real life) just pass out from the pain. It’s a good thing that the American Association for Cancer Research have such dedicated individuals and groups, looking for the absolute cure.

Trojantec Ltd has invented a way to mask the Antennapedia treatment protein (p21) as a cancer cell, then, deliver a more efficient means to eradicate the tumors.

Christina Kousparou, Ph.D., head of research at Trojantec Ltd, said “intravenous treatment with p21 by this method brought the cancer cell growth and death cycle to a halt and slowed tumor growth. Mice given this protein also lived longer than a control group of animals.”

On the other hand, Imtiaz A. Siddiqui, Ph.D. may have just found a way to directly serve green tea to a tumor, helping in the prevention of a malignant growth. Though green tea testing results haven’t been spectacular, research green tea to cancer cell in the nanoparticle-level has shown the increased rate of cancer cell death and decreased its growth.

April 11, 2008

How to Use your Hand for your Man’s Pleasure

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Most of the times we always rely on our hands to do the job, so why not use it to give our man pleasure. I have collected some techniques on how we could actually hike a man’s mojo by simply touching him. Here are some the techniques you can use.

  • Dig that Chest

Nothing more excites a man than a slow circling of your hand in his fine chest, mostly with a new manicured nails. What you can do is to circle you hand tracing his pecs. Spiral your nails towards the nipples then gently pinch it using your thumb and forefinger.

  • Tug the Pubic Hair

Begin by pulling some hair in his pubic using both hands gently. Between your middle and index finger give him a few tugs like grooming his hair. This move will interest him the most since the nerves of the penis runs through the groin area making him more aroused as you tug.

  • Ear Stimulator

Wet your middle finger using your saliva and slowly trace the outer part of his ear lobe. While you’re there give him a gentle pinch while giving it a sexy tug. The moist in his ear will surely give him the chills and the thrill. This is caused by sensitive aural organs. The reason behind pulling the ear lobe is to trigger the nerves in his ear that could actually send some signal to the testicles making him produce the testosterone, and you know what testosterone can do. Yup, it will rev up the erotic device.

  • Spine Thriller

Make him lie on his stomach and pull his legs apart. Using both hands, make a fist and zigzag your knuckles at the arc of his spine. Roll your pinkie and knuckles at the vertebrae from the below to the nape, once you reach the nape, and then slowly trace your nails going down to the spine. The use of the knuckles helps you apply pressure hitting the nerves in his spine. Remember, all the nerves of the body are attached to the nerves of the spinal column. So by doing so, you’re giving him pleasure all over his body increasing his sex drive more and more. Also, by giving a soft and hard rub gives an access to his deep and shallow nerves giving a mix sensation.

  • Thigh Expert

You can do this while he is sitting down or lying on his back, what you do is to reach and then slowly walk your middle and index finger from the knees to the crotch. Tease a little and stop before reaching the private part, and then with light trace of S going back to where you started. Doing so can send an alert straight to the climax area. This technique works because there is a nerve running straight from inner thighs to the groin. The S-technique adds some element of surprise.

These some of the few tricks that I can share with you, but I can recommend is to add a little spice to the romance by taking your man in a really romantic and exotic resort. It will surely help you and your man get in to the mood.

April 9, 2008

Tummy Aches

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I’ve dealt with a lot of diseases in my practice and most of the time I get cases of stomach pains. Some may think that tummy aches is just a simple stomach pain and most of them ignores it. What we don’t know is most of the stomach pains can be caused by serious diseases.

Here are some of the underlying causes that can present as a simple stomach pain.

  • Food Poisoning

This may present as vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, fever, weakness, headaches and chills.

  • Indigestion

Have belching, bloating, abdominal cramps and nausea.

  • Kidney Stones

First shows to have severe back pains, painful urination, urinary urgency increased, vomiting and nausea, abdominal pain, breast tenderness, blood in urine, urinary hesitancy, and fever.

  • Gastric Ulcers

Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and weight loss may present.

  • Viral Gastroenteritis

Have symptoms like nausea and vomiting, weight loss, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, blood vomitus, too much sweating, cold clammy skin, joint stiffness, and muscle pain.

So let us not ignore these symptoms since these may lead to more severe diseases in the future and may even cost us our lives. I shared this to all of you because I just lost a patient this morning because of food poisoning which could have been prevented and cured if they didn’t ignore the symptoms they felt.

April 3, 2008

Things you should have known a Day before Getting Hitched

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Be an expert this very second to have a happy marriage. We can see married people getting divorce right and left, and that’s a bit scary for those who haven’t tied the knot just yet. Here are some tips or some skills that can help you keep your marriage on the go.

  • Limit yourself from always putting your partner first

Yes we do know getting married means we have to make sacrifices for one another. But do we really know to what point? Do we have to give up our dreams and desires just to satisfy the need of another? Getting married really does not remove your individuality. Once in a while put your desires first, like me, after I got married, I got busy attending to my husband’s needs and forgot about my needs. I became colder and angrier towards my husband for no reason at all. Then I realized, I was getting mad because I forgot who I am and what I want. So I grabbed my bag and booked a flight to Italy. I’ve been longing to go there since I was a teenager, and so I did. I had a great time by myself, and when I got back, everything changed. I was no longer an angry person. It felt like I was a different person, the person I used to be. So I suggest making it a point to have enough time on your own or go out with your friends without him, and also encourage your partner to do it as well. In that case you’ll both be happy.

  • Learn when to Make him number One

Sometimes we forgot the little annoying things we ignored before the marriage but when marriage steps in, here we are trying to bring up those annoying stuffs our partner do. Remember we didn’t marry the person just to change them. You have to learn to pick your battles, if you know you won’t win then why bother. It’ll just make everything worse and end up hurting each other. What you can do is to have someone else do the dirty work for you, like ask his/her buddies to comment on the bad habit that annoys you. That way you won’t get in to fight with him and who knows he/she might just change.

  • Occasionally Jump to Bed Mad

Going to bed without comforting and agreeing to one another is not a sin. Instead of just agreeing without even thinking which is right from wrong then that’ll surely cause a bigger argument in the future. Settling an argument just for the sake of not having a fight is bad enough. Giving space to one another after a fight can actually help, letting yourself cool down or sleeping it off makes you realize what happened, you’ll be able to talk better without yelling on the top of your lungs after the feud has passed. When you know that the argument is not going anywhere because you both are very furious, then step up and say you’re mad and just don’t wanna talk now. You have to accept your own anger and settle it first within yourself. This technique can make your relationship much tougher.

  • Groping should always Remain

Let’s be honest, after a while we forget how HOT we are for our partners. But as time goes by, we slowly exhaust all the passion we have for each other. Everything just becomes a routine, saying I love you, kissing goodbye, and holding hands. So try spicing up the relationship again by trying something different. Then you’ll find yourself getting the HOTS for one another back. If you feel like grabbing your man in a public place then go on.

April 1, 2008

Want to Marry a Millionaire?

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No need to join those reality TV shows just to get someone wealthy enough to treat you like a Queen.  If you are too lazy to come up with your own money, here are some pointers for fortune-hunters such as yourself. 

  1. Imbibe

      They say if you want to walk the walk then you’ve got to talk the talk.  Meaning you should know the world of business, like return of investment.  If you want to belong to the upper class then better work it girl.  Study how to be elegant and talk elegant, show them you have the brains and not just another pretty face.  Start it with you college textbooks. 

  1. Release

      Be the same specie as Mr. Big Spender, spend once in awhile.  Investing is to spend and gain at least two-fold.  Don’t let him see through you, try invest a little and gain BIG! 

  1. Spin

      If you want mix and mingle then better invest on yourself.  Subject yourself in a makeover — always get your hair done, pluck your eyebrows, get facial treatments, and have a gorgeous body. 

  1. Chill

      Don’t be obvious! Don’t jump the guy the moment he shows you the money.  You’re not cool enough to have the money if you’re too hot for it.  Try not dwell in money discussions all night, as if nothing is in your mind but to make him your personal automated machine. 

            Remember if you’re too smart a cookie to just dip in someone else’s milk better put yourself in go get gold condition.