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May 13, 2008

3 Steps in Conquering your Fear

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My last post was about some of the most ridiculous fears that were observed from people. Although, most of us would think of them as funny, there are people who actually do experience them. So, how does one go around dealing with fear? First, we’ll have to define what fear is. Fear is an emotional response to something that we perceive as a threat. It’s a survival mechanism that triggers to a negative stimulus. It is often related to a bad experience from the past. With that said, let’s proceed with some steps on how to deal with a specific fear.

Identify – Although usually, the first step seems to be the hardest, for this one it’s pretty easy. Like any problem, the first step in finding a solution is to identify the problem and its causes. For example, ask yourself, “What is it that I fear and why?”

Understand the cause of your fear – Humans fear that which they don’t understand. For example: You are afraid of spiders. What is it about spiders that you fear? It’s bite? Do some research about spiders and you will find that not all spiders are deadly. Also, the deadly ones would only bite when threatened.

Face it – Look at pictures or imagine the situation that you fear. Make sure to maintain the image for as long as you can. Also, remember to breath properly. You will experience things like rapid breathing and heightened pulse rate. Focus on calming yourself. Afterwards put yourself in that situation or look at the actual object. Then do the same. Imagine the worst that could happen and conquer it. What are the chances of the worst happening, anyway?

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