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I am a 32 year old gal who enjoys traveling a lot, may it be for pleasure or for work. That is why I love to go to the hospital seminars, and have the chance to visit a lot of places, not only here in United States but in other countries as well. I work at a hospital as a medical doctor; I am in the field of internal medicine. I love the feeling of saving lives. But I really get devastated when I can no longer do anything for a patient, it saddens me.

I am a mother of a beautiful daughter, she is now 7. And we enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelries, and a lot of new stuff like phones, laptops, and other technology things. I love dressing her up and make sure that she wears the latest in the fashion industry. We spend most of our time together at the malls, at the country club or even at the salon getting my spa, or my hair done. I am married to a surgeon, and he as well loves to spend time at the country clubhouse chatting or having coffee with his pals, or sometimes co-doctors. The one thing that my whole family enjoys is having a vacation during Christmas season, or any chance that we can get to getaway.


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