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February 6, 2008

Another Caribbean Trip

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british Islands

Let me share another experience I had when I was at the Caribbean. I together with my husband and my kids visited the beautiful British Virgin Islands. It had sugary sand beaches with pastel, turquoise water. The sea breezes as if whispering something relaxing to my ears made me feel so calm and very peaceful during our stay in Peter Island Resort. My husband and my kids enjoyed paddling sea kayak, windsurfing, and even playing beach volleyball was made very enjoyable.

There are lots of places we visited during our stay in the British Islands. We wentparasailing sailing and boating which was a lot of fun, we also availed the sunset cruise they offered us. It was quite nice watching the sunset in the middle of the sea. They also had diving spots, my husband tried the Rhone Reef diving area and he said that it was a once in a lifetime experience. While my husband was out diving, my kids and I went fishing by Tortola Beef Island. The next day we tried out parasailing, we saw the beautiful island and beaches from a top view. The scenery was just superb and breathtaking.

We enjoyed our stay there but I felt like three days was not enough. Maybe we’ll try to go there again and have a week of vacation.