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February 19, 2008

Dishes Even Exotic Food Lovers Would Think Twice to Eat

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exotic foods

I’m a person who loves to venture on new experiences; like trying new cuisines or even exotic foods from different countries around the world. But I do have my limits as well. I may try certain exotic foods but sometimes I would doubt myself if I should put it in my mouth. Some exotic foods are very nasty to look at but once you eat it, it would actually taste good. Like they say, looks can be very deceiving.

When I was in China, I went to a Korean restaurant and ordered bosintang. bosintang Without me asking what’s in it, I ate so much since I heard it is a popular Korean Cuisine. I was at my last bite when the owner approached me and said “I hope you enjoyed our spicy dog stew”. I stopped for a moment, and had a thought, “damn, I just ate a dog. But what the heck, it tastes good anyway”.

Then we strolled around China and found more exotic foods the Chinese prefers to eat. There were seahorse, scorpion, cicada, stinky fish, and star fishes. They say if you eat the seahorse, it will strengthen your sexual ability, and scorpions cure certain diseases by making your blood hotter during a cold climate. But I don’t think I would put any of those near my mouth.


Here are some of the exotic foods I have encountered so far.

  • Lemon ants of Ecuador – with vague tangy, lemony taste
lemon ants
  • Bulls testicle in Spain
bulls testicle
  • Grasshopper pizza in Mexico
grasshopper pizza
  • Whitefish ice cream in Alaska
white fish ice cream
  • Fried Bees of Taiwan
fried bees
  • Silk worms in Vietnam
silk worms