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April 1, 2008

Want to Marry a Millionaire?

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No need to join those reality TV shows just to get someone wealthy enough to treat you like a Queen.  If you are too lazy to come up with your own money, here are some pointers for fortune-hunters such as yourself. 

  1. Imbibe

      They say if you want to walk the walk then you’ve got to talk the talk.  Meaning you should know the world of business, like return of investment.  If you want to belong to the upper class then better work it girl.  Study how to be elegant and talk elegant, show them you have the brains and not just another pretty face.  Start it with you college textbooks. 

  1. Release

      Be the same specie as Mr. Big Spender, spend once in awhile.  Investing is to spend and gain at least two-fold.  Don’t let him see through you, try invest a little and gain BIG! 

  1. Spin

      If you want mix and mingle then better invest on yourself.  Subject yourself in a makeover — always get your hair done, pluck your eyebrows, get facial treatments, and have a gorgeous body. 

  1. Chill

      Don’t be obvious! Don’t jump the guy the moment he shows you the money.  You’re not cool enough to have the money if you’re too hot for it.  Try not dwell in money discussions all night, as if nothing is in your mind but to make him your personal automated machine. 

            Remember if you’re too smart a cookie to just dip in someone else’s milk better put yourself in go get gold condition.

March 3, 2008

Effortless Ways to a Brand New You

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We always wanted to have a year to remember but we always end up doing the usual things we do. So instead of wasting our time looking for methods on self-improvement, why don’t we try some effortless, yet enjoyable, chic-ifying, life-loving, and ego-boosting improvements. This will be good for us.

  • Food Guilt – Swear it off!

People who indulge more without any guilt have a better immune system according to experts. Feel good about yourself, it’s a great help.

  • Click it

Load up your bag with a digital camera, so you can snap a shot of something funny or memorable.

  • Cook up some Work Ideas

workInstead of hiding those great ideas inside your head, why don’t you blurt it out and start earning credits for your nice concepts.

  • Purchase a new Make-up Bag

Throw away those tiny make-up bags and start using a bigger one. Let’s you bring more stuff for your beautification. Being beautiful and pretty boosts up your confidence, so bring more of those make-ups.


  • Be the Sun Goddesssun-goddess

We actually need 3 to 8 hours of sunlight in regulating our circadian rhythm. This will help us boost our energy level and very vital to our moods. So, let’s try to be shiny happy by walking during work breaks, eat some place with bright window, and take your catnaps in the sun.

  • Let yourself be a Regular

Try to find your Central Perk, look for a place where you can hang out without emptying your bank account. Find local bars that have affordable food or has a happy-hour deal. Then meet up new people.

  • Ditch the one Chore You Don’t Like Doing

Make a deal with a coworker or a roommate to trade the one chore you hate doing. Because once you don’t like what you’re doing it’ll be just tiresome for you.

  • Let your Fashion Ideas Flow

fashion Give yourself a treat and try to be bold once in a while. Wear something different from your style at least once a week. This can help give you confidence.

  • Totally make your Pad A Paradise

Decorate your place something relaxing. This will help you sleep better and enjoy the site of your own place.

  • Put a Plant in your Desk

It has been proven to have stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties.

  • Sizzle up your Sex Life

Sizzle it up by trying something new with your partner, it will help spice up your relationship.

  • Master An Amazing Dish

Master at least one dish that you can boast about. It can give you more confidence knowing you’re not just a face but someone with a talent.

  • Have the Big-O everwoman

Try this; take ten deep and full breaths coming from the diaphragm right before and during intimate contact. It will surely give you a satisfying Big O! Be ready to glow the next morning.

  • Have Afternoon Teas

We get a lot of helpful benefits from drinking tea; black tea prevents plaque formation, Peppermint tea helps reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, ginger tea can relieve indigestion, and chamomile with a bit of lemon and honey will help you with the flu.

  • Make a Weeknight Ritual

Stop being a couch potato and try something new. Get into the new bars in town, or try some new cuisines.

  • Pack-up and Sip some Piña Coladas on the Beach

Everyone deserves to have a vacation at least once a year. Your boss willspa treatment appreciate it, 80% of people who take vacations become more productive. Try going to a spa resort that will certainly relieve your stress.

  • Ditch those Excess Baggage

Say bye-bye to those people you don’t like hanging out with and just feel pressured when around them. Those people will just make you feel less of a person and lessen your confidence level when you socialize with them.

I hope this list will help you improve your year. Make the rest of the year better for yourself.

February 28, 2008

The Ultimate Worst Dresses of 2007

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 fashion avenue

The biggest fashion headlines last year were from buttoned-up shirtdresses to loose-fitting minis.  But it doesn’t mean everyone wore it perfectly.  Especially when you are a celebrity, you must take precautions on using this kind of dresses to the red carpet.  Coz hey, all eyes are on you once you step in to that carpet.  Here are some of the worst dresses I’ve seen in red carpet last year. 

  • Jaggedly Red Carpet Get-up

     Helena Bonham

      The Harry Potter co-star, Helena Bonham, wore this ragtag dress, clunky boots which appears to be a red carpet disaster. 

  • Feather and Furry Outfit

 naomi campbell

      Supermodel Naomi Campbell should have known better before wearing a feathery outfit that barely covers your belongings.  It’s a total wreck. 

  • The Puff-ball

 cate blanchett

      Cate Blanchett wore an Armani Puff-ball to Rome’s Film Festival, but it doesn’t look so fashionable with its voluminous, weirdly proportioned, two-toned gown. 

  • Under Wraps

 Parker Posey

      Actress Parker Posey looks like she just walked out of the bathroom.  The ugly brown moiré wrap covering her printed dress is just a dingy topper.  By the way, she was a guest judge in Project Runway

  • Designer Frock

 Mary Kate Olsen

      As fashion goes, it could have scored home-run if the dress was as fit as it was in the runway model rather than looking so huge on Mary Kate Olsen.  She just looked like she wore her mother’s clothes and playing dressing-up.

January 18, 2008

Hello world!

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Welcome…come and see my world!