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February 28, 2008

The Ultimate Worst Dresses of 2007

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 fashion avenue

The biggest fashion headlines last year were from buttoned-up shirtdresses to loose-fitting minis.  But it doesn’t mean everyone wore it perfectly.  Especially when you are a celebrity, you must take precautions on using this kind of dresses to the red carpet.  Coz hey, all eyes are on you once you step in to that carpet.  Here are some of the worst dresses I’ve seen in red carpet last year. 

  • Jaggedly Red Carpet Get-up

     Helena Bonham

      The Harry Potter co-star, Helena Bonham, wore this ragtag dress, clunky boots which appears to be a red carpet disaster. 

  • Feather and Furry Outfit

 naomi campbell

      Supermodel Naomi Campbell should have known better before wearing a feathery outfit that barely covers your belongings.  It’s a total wreck. 

  • The Puff-ball

 cate blanchett

      Cate Blanchett wore an Armani Puff-ball to Rome’s Film Festival, but it doesn’t look so fashionable with its voluminous, weirdly proportioned, two-toned gown. 

  • Under Wraps

 Parker Posey

      Actress Parker Posey looks like she just walked out of the bathroom.  The ugly brown moiré wrap covering her printed dress is just a dingy topper.  By the way, she was a guest judge in Project Runway

  • Designer Frock

 Mary Kate Olsen

      As fashion goes, it could have scored home-run if the dress was as fit as it was in the runway model rather than looking so huge on Mary Kate Olsen.  She just looked like she wore her mother’s clothes and playing dressing-up.