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May 18, 2008

3 Possible Deaths Due to Excessive Fear

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So what’s the worst thing that could happen due to fear? A lot. You could experience heart failure due to excessive fear or worse – you may be driven to commit suicide. Here are some stories of people dying due to excessive fear.

Heart Attack – Scientists from Germany have discovered that heart attacks due to excessive fear do happen, making the phrase “The fear made my blood curdle” literally possible. According to them, they found out that anxiety and panic attacks increase blood clotting which may lead to a thrombosis or hear attack Read the article here.

Suicide due to fear of revenge – A jeweler committed suicide out of fear of a convict already in prison. Edward Lapierre, had an encounter with two professional thieves when the latter attempted to rob his store. In the exchange of gunfire, one of the cracksmen was fatally wounded. Read the article here.

Suicide due to insanity from excessive fear – A woman who was driven to madness out of excruciating pain and unwilling to be parted from her daughter committed suicide by turning on four gas jets and lay down silently to die. Mrs. Cora Levis Torgette took her daughter along with her when she committed the horrible act. Read the article here.