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March 18, 2008

Healthy Treats for Lunch

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Better eating habits, better meals, and get a better and slimmer body.  Then eat right, here are some tips to have a healthier lunch treats. 

  • Great Company

      Make sure you are in a great company, meaning sharing your meals with others who would enjoy great food and have tasteful palates. 

  • Carbohydrates

      Enjoy the carbohydrates during lunch because you can still burn those calories off for the rest of the day.  A tasty pasta or grilled panini would be a good choice for a quick carbohydrate fix.  Then concentrate on the protein to stay fit. 

  • Quality and Volume     

      Always remember, quality us always better than volume.  No matter how big your appetite is or how much food you take in but if it’s not quality food then it’s not healthy.  Learn to choose dishes that are flavorful like cheesy, savory dips, or grilled lamb panini with pita bread.  The French may have fewer bites of cheeses and cured meats but they still manage to be svelte.  Caution, remember to have smaller portions and fewer bites just to satisfy the palate without over stuffing your belly and keep the weight off. 

  • Healthy Drink

      Nurse and savor yourself with one healthy drink like freshly squished fruits but don’t dilute it with too much water.  Flavor your water with lime or a slice of lemon for a refreshing treat.