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April 29, 2008

Spots that get her excited

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I mentioned some tips on how to use your hand for your man’s pleasure a few weeks ago. So to be fair with you guys, let me tell you some spots that could get us excited.

Erogenous spots, as we call it, are areas with nerve-endings and increase sensitivity. Lips, nipples, and thighs are among the commonly known spots. Although not for all women, try to find one where she likes it the most. Here are some that most guys pay less attention to:

Neck – Ever wonder why she sudddenly gasps or raises her shoulders to cover her neck when you touch it? The back of the neck is considered as one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. To use it to your advantage, breathe down her neck, or kiss her there (move her hair aside, of course). Use your imagination. You’ll make her want you more.

Ears – Try to whisper something sweet in her ear and watch her react. Some women’s ears are actually sensitive to touch. For this one, your lips and tongue are key to arousing her. Use your lips to suck her earlobes, and your tongue to lick the edges of her ear.

Behind the knees – This area is highly sensitive and she may react differently depending on how sensitive she is. If she’s ticklish, don’t bother with this area. If she likes it though, start licking the area smoothly..but don’t overdo it.

Feet – If you feel comfortable with it, try giving her a foot massage…with your mouth, of course. A lot of women like having their toes sucked on. You may also lick her soles while gently massaging her feet. I know mine are…but before doing those things, make sure her feet are clean!

Hands – Ever wonder why people like holding hands? It’s not because of the custom. The hands are actually sensitive, too! Kiss her palm and play with her fingers. Lick her hands to excite her. You can be creative and use chocolate. Whatever works for you.

Take note that these spots were not meant to be stimulated individually. You can mix and match. Try kissing her neck while massaging her hands. Again, be creative!