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March 11, 2008

How to Get New People into Your Life

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Getting bored with your old buddies? Maybe welcoming new people in to your life is just what you need. Make your life more exciting and interesting by being friendlier than you already are. Here are some ways and places to meet new people.

  • Go to an Art Museumart museum

Try to join an art museum, regular members always gets invited to a lot of special events such as programs, museum openings, workshops, fund raising, and special art exhibits by popular artists. Go by yourself and make yourself available to people. Appreciate the art, so people will start noticing you.

  • Establish your own Book Club

Ask few of your good friends to bring someone they admire and you haven’t met to your book club. This way, you can meet great new people.


  • Enlist yourself in a Foreign Language Class

It’s a good investment plus you can have new friends in class. Learning a new language can be an advantage when you on a trip in some country. Who knows, maybe you can “causerie” your way to a hunky French dude on your trip to France someday!

  • Take some dancing lessons

dancing lessonRemember to sign up without any partner, and groove yourself into a bunch of new dancing groups.


  • Enroll in a cooking class

Pick something different like Mexican, Thai, or Moroccan cooking class. You’ll be able to meet at least a dozen new peeps. Then throw a buffet graduation party with your new classmates.

  • Take a vacation

Go on tours, you can meet new people by going on tours instead of going with your friends. The tendency of traveling alone is asking other people, talking with others, and hanging out with some people you just knew.

  • Hang out by the magazine racks

Talk to other people hanging out by the magazine rack as well. Try opening a topic about their favorite magazine, in that way the person will be interested in talking to you.

  • Sign up for a fun run

fun run It’s a better way of helping raise money for charities and as well as meeting new people. Everyone will be interested in talking to fellow fund-raisers since you have the same goal, and everyone is united for a single cause.

  • Go Partying!

Make yourself go on parties whenever you get invited. And try not to seat in one corner and put a hole on the sofa. Talk to people, circulate!

  • Be Gutsy

The next time you ride a bus, a plane, or a train be gusty and introduce yourself and be conversational instead of burrowing your face in your book.

  • Attend Sports events

GO alone. Seat beside fellow sports spectators and ask them but not to the point of disturbing and annoying them. Ask a little bit about the game and the team they are rooting for.

  • Chat with people you usually don’t talk to

Chitchat with your pizza delivery boy, pharmacist, mailman, dry cleaning lady, or even the next biker you see. Ask something about what they do, like for bikers, ask them where to purchase a really nice set of wheels.

People who explore new things has better chance of meeting new people, so throw your old habit away and start gaining new ones together with gaining new friends.